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At Harrison Chiropractic Center we offer a natural, painless, state of the art approach to treating neuropathy. We work on healing the underlying cause and not just covering up your symptoms.

Neuropathy is the result of degenerated nerves and causes symptoms such as; pain, numbness, tingling, burning sensation, the feeling of 'pins & needles' and poor balance.

Most common causes of neuropathy are; diabetes, chemotherapy, post-surgery, malnutrition and herniated discs. Neuropathy greatly impacts quality of life and if not addressed at the root cause, neuropathy can even lead to limb amputation.

There is hope!

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Avoid sleeping on your stomach. Use a pillow that supports your head so that your neck and vertebrae are level with the rest of your spine as you sleep. Avoid sleeping on two pillows. Be sure to get plenty of sleep every day to allow your body to rest and recuperate.

By providing proper neck support, cervical pillows can help with:

Neck muscle and joint strains and sprains

Tension headaches

Whiplash injuries


Morning hand stiffness and swelling

Temporomandibular disorders


Snoring (in some cases)

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Walking is an excellent exercise for fat burning. While any exercise can burn calories, brisk walking for 45 minutes mobilizes the body to dip into fat reserves and burn stored fat. Walkers can achieve this exercise intensity that uses more fat as fuel.

Like any other cardiovascular exercise, brisk walking boosts endorphins, which can reduce stress hormones and alleviate mild depression. Regular exercise, through the production of feel-good endorphins, can improve mood and self-esteem, according to WebMD.

The best exercise for your bones is the weight-bearing kind, which forces you to work against gravity. Some examples of weight-bearing exercises include weight training, walking, hiking, jogging, climbing stairs, tennis, and dancing. Examples of exercises that are not weight-bearing include swimming and bicycling.

The American Diabetes Association says walking lowers your blood sugar levels and your overall risk for diabetes. Researchers at the University of Boulder Colorado and the University of Tennessee found that regular walking lowered blood pressure by as much as 11 points and may reduce the risk of stroke by 20% to 40%.

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Injury or weakness can cause the inner portion of the disk to protrude through the outer ring. This is known as a slipped, herniated, or prolapsed disk. This causes pain and discomfort. If the slipped disk compresses one of your spinal nerves, you may also experience numbness and pain along the affected nerve.

A herniated disc is a prevalent source of neck, arm, back, and leg pain is typically seen in adults between 30 and 50 years of age.

If you are experiencing pain or numbness in the neck, arm, lower back, or leg, you could be suffering from a herniated disc.

Seek medical attention if your neck or back pain travels down your arm or leg, or if it's accompanied by numbness, tingling or weakness.

Up to 90 percent of patients with herniated discs can be successfully treated without surgery.